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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Latino Action Network Congratulates Governor Elect Phil Murphy

The Latino Action Network congratulates Phil Murphy on his impressive win over Kim Guadagno in yesterday’s Gubernatorial Election.  We endorsed Ambassador Murphy because of his progressive platform and dedication to the same issues that LAN members fight for every day. Phil Murphy proved his dedication to our issues when he refused to retreat from his promise to have the backs of immigrant working families despite Kim Guadagno’s persistent attacks.

New Jersey voters had a clear choice in this election: they could vote for Kim Guadagno and a continuation of Chris Christie’s disastrous administration with some Trump-style attacks thrown in or they could vote for Phil Murphy and progressive change that is inclusive of New Jersey’s diverse communities.

Yesterday voters rejected the Trumpism adopted by the flailing Guadagno campaign by electing Phil Murphy to be New Jersey’s next governor by a whopping 14% margin.

Congratulations also go out to all the Latino Action Network members and supporters who fought the good fight against the hateful messages that were being thrown in our direction by Kim Guadagno and her campaign.  With your help we were able to go on the offensive against Kim Guadagno’s hateful and divisive attacks against our community.  We turned the table on her by raising our voices and expressing our disgust at her sharp turn to the right and making her anti-immigrant ad a liability to her campaign.  Your greatest contribution to this victory was your vote and the work you all did to get your friends and families to the polls.

At any point in this fight, our endorsed candidate could have done what many expected him to do and distance himself from the issue of protecting immigrants, but Phil Murphy did the opposite.  He doubled down on his commitment to having our backs.

The Latino Action Network looks forward to working with the Governor-Elect in the months and years to come as we take bold action together to make sure that Latino working families are afforded the opportunity to partake in the promise of this great state.  Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work on achieving the goals of our legislative agenda including the desegregation of our communities and schools; making college accessible and affordable for all; raising wages and restoring the social safety net provided by our Latino social service agencies.

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The Struggle Continues…. 


Christian Estevez, President
Latino Action Network