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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LAN FYI - Afordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace Toolkit

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency that oversees health programs has recently sent the Latino Action Network a toolkit of flyers in Spanish and English about the Affordable Care Act (otherwise called Obamacare).  These are simple explanations of how the ACA will be implemented and what people can do to prepare.  One flyer is particularly aimed at small businesses and their employees.  In order to be ready to enroll people beginning October 2013 with coverage effective after January 1, 2014 it is important we distribute and post this information where people can see it.  Since the State of New Jersey has not decided how it is going to participate, some details are not available, but we should alert people now.  This outreach is only the first step in trying to reach all the uninsured, especially in our Hispanic community.  LAN expects to be part of this on-going campaign.

Follow the link to the toolkit below and you will see eight flyers you can download and print out or post on your websites.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Click here to download: Afordable Care Act (ACA) Toolkit

More information from  CMS can be found below:

Enrollment in the Health Insurance Marketplace starts October 1st, and coverage starts in January 2014. Now that October 1 is fast approaching, we've developed a toolkit with resources to help you spread the word about the Marketplace. The toolkit includes information, tools, and resources you need to help consumers find health insurance to fit their budget, with less hassle. As new items are developed for outreach, we’ll continue to add them to this toolkit.

Also, now has information about the Marketplace for consumers. Check out all of the latest information, including 7 things consumers can do now to get ready for enrollment. Consumers can also sign up for Marketplace email and text message updates.

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