The Latino Action Network is a grassroots organization composed of individuals and organizations that are committed to engaging in collective action at the local, state and national levels in order to advance the equitable inclusion of the diverse Latino communities in all aspects of United States society.



We are deeply committed to a just society for everyone and oppose any and all forms of discrimination including those based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, class, disability or sexual orientation.


Our nation was built by immigrants and we advocate for fair treatment of new immigrants in all aspects of the law. We favor comprehensive immigration reform and a path for citizenship for undocumented immigrants. We favor immigrant participation in the United States Census.

We oppose the efforts of local, county and state governments to enforce federal immigration laws, including such efforts as 287g, the deputization of local law enforcement, local ordinances requiring landlords to determine immigration status, and any similar efforts targeting Latino communities. We strongly encourage, state and local governments to create practical policies regarding the humane treatment of immigrants living in their states.


Latino children are entitled to equal educational opportunities in New Jersey under the Constitution. Latino children must have access to all programs, services, or resources, available to any other child. We favor in-state tuition for children of undocumented immigrants that have grown up in New Jersey and graduated from a New Jersey high school. We support greater parental involvement and empowerment by parents in the education system. Informed parents guiding and shaping educational policy is a foundation for creating good citizens.


We favor human services that are comprehensive, culturally competent, and aim to support and empower the Latino community. We support research and programs to minimize health disparities between the rich and poor. 


We will foster a higher degree of prosperity and economic health for Latino communities by promoting the creation of economic development initiatives, legislation, policies, and procedures that will increase the Latino community’s share of the economy.