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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Latino Action Network Supports DREAMers Platform for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The Latino Action Network today expressed its support for the six point platform adopted by the participants of the United We Dream 2012 National Congress in Kansas City, Missouri this past weekend.  A delegation from the New Jersey DREAM Act Coalition (NJDAC) were among the 600 DREAMers that participated in the congress.

"We were excited to hear from the members of New Jersey DREAM Act Coalition that attended the congress", said Christian Estevez, Executive Vice President of LAN.  "NJDAC and national United We DREAM representatives briefed us on the proceedings of the congress as well as the six point platform they adopted."

The platform voted on at the Congress includes demands for protections for families, access to higher education, and a road map to legal immigration status and citizenship:

1.     Fair treatment for DREAMers and our families and communities, including a roadmap to citizenship for 11 million Americans without papers and an end to senseless deportations and abuses

2.     The ability to travel without fear, ensuring all immigrants have access to driver licenses and the ability to visit family in other countries

3.     The elimination of barriers to higher education for immigrant youth by extending state and federal financial aid opportunities, as well as in-state tuition rates to DREAMers available to our peers

4.     An end to excessive and costly immigration enforcement policies which separate families and divide communities, such as “Secure Communities,” E-Verify, 287G, and roadside checkpoints

5.     Access to health care and safe, fair working conditions and equal protection under the law for all

6.     Growth and diversity of our movement for change, intensifying efforts to become more inclusive of non-Latinos, LGBTQ communities, differently-abled people, people of faith, and other groups

"The platform voted on by the DREAMers in Kansas City is very much in line with the Latino Action Network's policy position on the need for comprehensive immigration reform", said LAN President Frank Argote-Freyre.  "We are especially pleased with their decision to expand their movement to include non-Latinos, LGTBQ communities, differently-abled people, people of faith, and other groups."

The Latino Action Network announced its support for marriage equality back in February of this year, urging the passage of the Marriage Equality and Religious Exemption Act in the New Jersey State Legislature. The marriage equality bill passed both houses of the legislature but was promptly vetoed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The Latino Action Network has expressed  its support for the platform adopted by the DREAMers and pledged to work with the DREAMers in the pursuit of the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

The Latino Action Network was founded in 2009 to fight for political empowerment and defend civil rights.

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