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Monday, April 19, 2010

Latino Action Network Releases Policy Paper Critical of Governor Christie’s Budget

Latino Action Network Releases Policy Paper
Critical of Governor Christie’s Budget

Report finds Christie Claim of “Shared Sacrifice” a Myth

For Immediate Release: April 19, 2010

Frank Argote-Freyre, Interim Chair – 908-670-0552
Daniel Santo Pietro, Chair of the Public Policy Committee – 732-496-9628

The Latino Action Network [LAN] today released a policy paper on Governor Christie’s proposed budget for 2010-2011 entitled: The Myth of Shared Sacrifice.

The five-page report outlines the devastating impact the proposed spending cuts will have on the Latino community and in general on the poor, the vulnerable and the middle class.

The following is an excerpt from the report: “This is a spending plan that attempts to balance the budget on the backs and wallets of working families, the vulnerable and the middle class. The wealthy are asked to sacrifice nothing by Governor Christie. In fact, in these difficult economic times the Governor has decided the wealthy need a little more money in their pockets and has repeatedly said he will accept no restoration of a tax on incomes over $400,000, which brought in an estimated $1 billion to state coffers last year.”

The report continues: “With regards to Latinos this represents an attack on the entire community and we urge organizations across the state to mobilize against this spending plan. The Governor and his Administration have been meticulous in cutting or eliminating virtually every program serving the community.”

The policy paper offers four recommendations to Governor Christie to minimize the impact on the poor and middle class. The suggestions include a reform of the income tax system and the maintenance of the tax on those with incomes above $400,000, an increase in the gasoline tax to bring it in line with surrounding states, salary cuts for the governor and the cabinet, and a restoration of the programs of importance to the most vulnerable in society.

The Latino Action Network calls on all segments of society to mobilize against the Christie budget. The report concludes: “The Christie budget plan sacrifices the poor, the vulnerable, and the middle class at the altar of financial responsibility and asks nothing of the wealthy. There is nothing equitable or shared about the Governor’s vision for New Jersey.”

The LAN was founded in 2009 as a vehicle to mobilize the Latino community to seek greater social and economic justice. The policy paper is attached to this press release. It will be translated into Spanish in the next few days.

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